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CMMI Appraisals

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Indraprastha Systemcert, incorporated in Year 1998 to provide/serve Industry specific needs. Now ISPL is a Providing CMMI Services and EGAC Accredited Management System Certification Body for Quality Management Systems (QMS-ISO 9001), Environmental Management Systems (EMS-ISO 14001), Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHS-ISO 45001).
ISPL also providing Certification for Food Safety (ISO 22000), Information Security (ISO 27001), Service management (ISO 20000-1), Education (ISO 21001), Energy Management (ISO 50001) Certification and Training Services to Clients in Government, IT, Manufacturing, Engineering, Services and Education Sectors.
Our Experts (LA/Auditors and Trainers) do have Min 15+ years industrial Experience and are best in the class professionals. 

CMMI 2.0 Appraisal
CMMI 2.0 appraisal is used to evaluate an organisations processes and find out their strength and weaknesses based on CMMI best practices. As a result of the appraisal, an organisation is rated an appropriate Maturity Level.

There are four appraisal methods.

Through the Benchmark Appraisal, organisations can identify the opportunities for process and business performance improvement. It results in a Maturity Level valid for 3 years.

If an organisation narrowly misses their target Maturity Level at the previous appraisal, they can carry out an Action Plan Reappraisal.

Sustainment Appraisal is done every 2 years following the Benchmark Appraisal to confirm and extend its Maturity Level.

Its a form of a mock Benchmark Appraisal. Its used to identify gaps and areas for improvement before the official appraisal and doesnt result in a maturity level rating.

CMMI Appraisal & Training Services
CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) latest version 2.0 is a business excellence which helps organisations to continually improve the existing organization practices aligned to organizational business objectives internal, external stakeholders and customers.
CMMI ver 2.0 is recognised across the world and its implementation helps organisations in the following :
  • Significant performance improvement of business metrics and operational metrics.
  • Increase in Senior management support sponsorship, support and active involvement.
  • Effective stakeholder involvement and management.
  • Focus on meeting business objectives.
  • Improvement in Communication to Internal and external stakeholders including customers.
  • Improvement in planning, establishing and optimizing Infrastructure (People, Process, Technology, Physical infrastructure, Tools and Automation).
  • Making work force ready for the current and future assignments.
  • Reinforce good behaviour.
1 Advisory Services
  • CMMI DEV V2.0
  • CMMI SVC V2.0
2 Training
  • Business Associate
  • Building Service Excellence
  • Building Development Excellence
3 Benchmark Appraisal Services
  • CMMI DEV V2.0
  • CMMI SVC V2.0
4 Combined Appraisals for Dev and SVC 
5 High Maturity Appraisal Services
6 Sustainment Appraisals



Key Process Area



Continuous Process Improvement

Organizational Innovation and Deployment
Causal Analysis and Resolution

Highest Quality / Lowest Risk

Quantitatively Managed

Quantitatively Managed

Organizational Process Performance
Quantitative Project Management

Higher Quality / Lower Risk


Process Standardization

Requirements Development
Technical Solution
Product Integration
Organizational Process Focus
Organizational Process Definition
Organizational Training
Integrated Project Mgmt (with IPPD extras)
Risk Management
Decision Analysis and Resolution
Integrated Teaming (IPPD only)
Org. Environment for Integration (IPPD only)
Integrated Supplier Management (SS only)

Medium Quality / Medium Risk


Basic Project Management

Requirements Management
Project Planning
Project Monitoring and Control
Supplier Agreement Management
Measurement and Analysis
Process and Product Quality Assurance
Configuration Management

Low Quality / High Risk


Process is informal and Adhoc


Lowest Quality / Highest Risk

CMMI and Business Objectives
The objectives of CMMI are very obvious. They are as follows -
  • Produce quality products or services - The process-improvement concept in CMMI models evolved out of the Deming, Juran, and Crosby quality paradigm: Quality products are a result of quality processes. CMMI has a strong focus on quality-related activities including requirements management, quality assurance, verification, and validation.
  • Create value for the stockholders - Mature organizations are more likely to make better cost and revenue estimates than those with less maturity, and then perform in line with those estimates. CMMI supports quality products, predictable schedules, and effective measurement to support the management in making accurate and defensible forecasts. This process maturity can guard against project performance problems that could weaken the value of the organization in the eyes of investors.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction - Meeting cost and schedule targets with highquality products that are validated against customer needs is a good formula for customer satisfaction. CMMI addresses all of these ingredients through its emphasis on planning, monitoring, and measuring, and the improved predictability that comes with more capable processes.
  • Increase market share - Market share is a result of many factors, including quality products and services, name identification, pricing, and image. Customers like to deal with suppliers who have a reputation for meeting their commitments.
  • Gain an industry-wide recognition for excellence - The best way to develop a reputation for excellence is to consistently perform well on projects, delivering quality products and services within cost and schedule parameters. Having processes that conform to CMMI requirements can enhance that reputation.

Key Benefits:
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Reduction in risk, rework and re planning
  • Performance, Operations, delivery is aligned to business goals
  • Fast and flawless delivery

S. No.

Practice Area


Service Delivery Management (SDM)


Strategic Service Management (SSM)


Product Integration (PI)


Technical Solution (TS)


Peer Review (PR)


Process Quality Assurance (PQA)


Requirement Development & Management (RDM)


Verification & Validation (VV)


Supplier Agreement Management (SAM)


Supplier Source Selection (SSS)


Continuity (CONT)


Incident Resolution & Prevention (IRP)


Risk & Opportunity Management (RSK)


Organizational Training (OT)


Estimating (EST)


Monitor & Control (MC)


Planning (PLAN)


Causal Analysis & Resolution (CAR)


Configuration Management (CM)


Decision Analysis & Resolution (DAR)


Managing Performance & Measurement (MPM)


Process Asset Development (PAD)


Process Management (PM)


Governance (GOV)


Implementation Infrastructure (II)

What are the benefits of CMMI 2.0 in the automotive sector?
  • CMMI 2.0 allows organisations to identify areas for improvement based on how their processes compare to CMMI best practices.
  • Organisations with high maturity level are perceived as reliable and stable partners for cooperation.
  • CMMI is especially beneficial for organisations with short time requirements as it instructs to first map the timings and then plan the modules of the phase.

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